Life in A Blended Family

A 6-week program on how to deal with step-parent issues from step-parent discipline, sibling rivalry, the Ex and all of the past baggage we carry with us, when all you want is love and a happy fulfilled life with your new family.

Most step parents come into a blended family thinking that because they are already a parent what could be hard about step parenting. 

Actually most of us come into a step situation wearing love tinted glasses that obscure most of the “other” things that come with the relationship… including the children.

In most relationships there is a honeymoon period, a period of grace where everyone and everything seems to be great.

Then it hits. 

The children begin to act up.

They begin to do things that you wouldn’t tolerate with your own children and your spouse is not dealing with it.

Your spouse seems to ignore it or make up excuses for their child:

- He really did not mean it.

- You’re being too tough on her

-  Lighten up, he’s just a child

-  She would never do that


-  I know but she’s only here for the weekend and I want it to be fun