Giving December Day 6

Today is the Gift of Surprise which can make a world of difference in your relationship. It's about adding unexpected moments of joy to someone's life and letting kindness ripple through simple gestures.

Surprising your spouse doesn't need grand gestures—small, thoughtful actions can be just as impactful. Here are some simple yet heartfelt ways to give the Gift of Surprise to your significant other:

  1. Love Notes: Leave sweet, handwritten notes in unexpected places around the house—maybe in their work bag, on the bathroom mirror, or tucked into a book they're reading.
  2. Spontaneous Date Night: Surprise your spouse with an impromptu date night. It could be a cozy dinner at home, a picnic under the stars, or a spontaneous visit to a favorite spot.
  3. Acts of Service: Take care of a task they usually handle or do something special for them without being asked. Small acts of kindness, like making breakfast or handling chores, can speak volumes.
  4. Memory Lane: Create a surprise trip down memory lane. Compile photos or mementos from your time together and surprise them with a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the special moments you've shared.

On this special day of Giving the Gift of Surprise to each other, celebrate the beauty of your relationship through these genuine, unexpected gestures. The Gift of Surprise has the power to deepen your connection and create lasting memories in the spirit of love and giving.